We make investments in dynamic cannabis companies and their founders.

Exceptional capital growth opportunities

Investor Coalition- Exposure to dynamic cannabis assets across the global value chain.

Unique business model with visionary founders.

We are champions for Hemp & Bioplastics as an alternative to fossil fuel based plastics.

Bella Canna Enterprises has invested in a range of dynamic companies

We are passionate about Africa's role in the global cannabis ecosystem.

Our Services

  • Cultivation + Extraction + Formulation
  • Sustainability
  • Data & Tech
  • Media

Bellacanna consulting practice includes everything from facility design, compliance and cultivation planning to standard operating procedures, and more. Benefit from the experience of our master growers, extractors and formulators and stop wasting time trying to reinvent the wheel. Let our consultants and subject matter experts enhance your business, using our proven approach. Freeing you up to focus on other ways to unlock your company’s potential.

To our team here at Bellacanna, sustainability means behaving responsibly to avoid the depletion of our natural resources. It means maintaining an ecological balance. It means acting in harmony with nature to help preserve our precious yet fragile environment to ensure that generations to come will have a suitable world to live in, just as we did. Through our strategic partnerships and engagements we are able to connect consumers and corporations alike with hemp and other bio plastic solutions and be change agents in a pursuit of a world free of environmentally harmful plastics.

To truly grow cannabis businesses and the industry, retailers need to take more than their regulatory reporting online. The industry has started to see the value in technology related to most aspects of the business, from inventory management and point-of-sale and delivery to CRM and marketing automation. However, the operative word is started. The legal cannabis industry is still immature, and sales and marketing technology remains a relatively new concept. Luckily, canna-tech capabilities and adoption are growing quickly — and maturing the industry along with it.

A key component in growing the cannabis industry is the role of media. Everything from the need for diversity and inclusion within the cannabis industry to educating stakeholders on the everchanging regulatory and legal environment, media will play a big role.  Our team of subject matter experts, writers and creatives can enhance your organizations exposure in the cannabis world.

Bellacanna Enterprises LLC invests in established enterprises and new companies. Every company has a unique persona and BCE focuses on evaluating ideas and considering partnerships with an open mind. Businesses intrinsically reflect the people they serve, represent and provide solutions for – so it’s not just about financial engineering – we customize every step of our approach and solution with every investment.